Annet Steenbergen
Chair, Facilitation Working Group

Annet Steenbergen is co-founder/initiator of the Aruba Happy Flow project for the Government of Aruba. The Happy Flow project is the first single token initiative that creates a seamless flow of passenger facilitation from curb to gate through the reuse of biometrics and advanced cooperation between the public and the private sector. Taking the stakeholder cooperation to a new level turned out to be in everyone’s interest; raising the passenger experience, creating room for growth and making the process more safe and secure.

In 2016 Annet took on the chair of IATA’s Facilitation Working Group (FWG) and has a seat on the IATA’s Passenger Experience Management Group. Since 2017 IATA started the One ID task force, residing under the FWG that is looking at creating interoperability between airports with a seamless passenger facilitation. This TF is looking at the required standards and best practices to prepare the aviation industry for seamless travel.

The last four years she has been a public speaker at many industry conferences on the topic of seamless passenger facilitation and datasharing project between stakeholders at airports. Annet also enjoys written articles on the topic in leading industry magazines and to pursue her thought leadership on the topic.

Annet has had more than 20 years international experience working in the field of border control, border management and public private cooperation at airports.  Besides her work for the Government of Aruba she is a consultant on passenger facilitation innovation with a strong focus on stakeholder data sharing solutions and data privacy/GDPR. Annet has previously worked in i.e. the Netherlands, Suriname and South Africa.